Newcomers, Thompson Square, took to the stage first on the,“My Kinda Party,” tour with Chris Young and headliner Jason Aldean in Scranton, PA on August 25th. Keifer and Shawna, the husband and wife duo were met by a warm welcome proving their hard work has come to fruition. Their lively set had the crowd out of their seats as they performed their hits including, “I Got You,” and, “Are you Gonna Kiss Me Or Not.”

The second act to hit the stage was Chris Young. With his deep voice and capturing smile, Young captured the hearts of the ladies in the audience. Chris powered through his hits such as, “Voices,” “Gettin You Home,” “The Man I Want to Be,” and, “Tomorrow.” Young interacted with the crowd having one side of the venue shout, “Save Water,” and the other side would shout, “Drink Beer,” along with his smash hit of the same name.
Then came the headline act, Jason Aldean. As the lights went down, the crowd started to roar. The band launched into the opening song, “Tattoos on This Town,” as a large silhouette of Aldean appeared on the curtain at the front of the stage which sent the crowd into a frenzy of excitement. Aldean and his band played all of their biggest hits from their first, “Hicktown,” to their current number one, “Dirt Road Anthem.” As Aldean tore into his song, “My Kinda Party,” the crowd roared and waved their arms to the beat of the music. The audience continued to sing along, almost drowning out the song, which was played with precision by Jason’s band. Much was the same when they followed the title track with their current number one hit, “Dirt Road Anthem.” Jason even performed a powerful version of Bon Jovi’s, “Wanted Dead or Alive,” to lead into their encore of, “She’s Country.”

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