Thank you for a great 2012

Audio Still Magazine would like to thank everyone for a great 2012. It was an amazing year for us and we are looking to make 2013 even better…….with your help of course! Spread the word about Audio Still Magazine to all your friends. If you are new to ASM, here is what we are all about:

Audio Still Magazine was started in the summer of 2011 as online magazine that showcases concert and music photography. While most magazines and publications only include one or two photographs from a concert and tells the story in words, the mission of Audio Still Magazine is to tell the story in photographs. This way readers can see first hand what the concert was like rather than having to visualize by reading text. Our mission here at Audio Still Magazine is to bring the concert to people through photography.

We here at ASM would love to hear some feedback from our readers as well……Is there something you would like to see at ASM? Let us know!

So if you love music and photography, then Audio Still Magazine is for you!!!!!!!


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