History Made At The State Theater

History was made at the State Theater in Portland Maine as the Eli Young band along with JT Hodges played the first country show to grace the stage. With a packed house, JT Hodges was well received as he warmed up the crowd. Playing his songs such as “Goodbyes Made you mine”, “Sleepy Little Town” and his first single, “Hunt You Down” the audience was singing much of the lyrics right back at Hodges. This is a powerful new act. Be sure to catch JT Hodges on the road.

Headliners, The Eli Young Band kept the crowd pumped up from the first to the last note of their set. Eli Young has been hitting the road hard, touring with Rascal Flatts during the summer of 2012, to launching their own tour along with JT Hodges for the fall of 2012. They are not about to stop either. You can catch Eli Young this summer on the road with Kenny Chesney. A show not to be missed.

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